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Troop Meeting - Baseball Game Tonight - 6PM

Posted on May 22 2017 - 2:58pm

Don't miss tonight's Troop Meeting - It's our annual Baseball Game... Bring a Mitt, a Bat a Ball!

Help Make Troop 224's Recruitment Video!

Posted on May 1 2017 - 6:12pm

Don't forget to add your photos for the Troop 224 Video Project.  Everyone who would like to submit photos for the purpose of creating a video as a recruiting tool for our troop can upload to the DROPBOX.  The goal is to complete this video by August.  The cutoff for submitting photos is JUNE 1.

Troop 224 Mom's Brunch

Posted on May 1 2017 - 9:55am

Don't Miss out.... June 4th at 10 AM
Sign Up Here

Summer Camp 2017 - Catalina Island -

Posted on Apr 28 2017 - 10:54pm

 Catalina Island at Camp Emerald Bay - Sunday July 16, 2017 thru Saturday July 22, 2017


- Jet Blue Airlines round trip from Oakland to Long Beach Airport  

Super shuttle to and from Airport to Ferry harbor is covered by troop 224

- Depart to camp – meet at Oakland airport at 5:00AM- Sunday July 16, 2017.  Departure flight time 6:29 AM, arrive LBA 7:49AM.  Super shuttle, ferry, arrive on Island approx. 12 noon.

- Return from camp – Saturday July 22, 2017.  Return flight departure 5:00 PM, arrive Oakland Airport 6:14PM, pick scouts up at airport, end of trip.

Please find enclosed the sign -up form for Merit Badges at Camp Emerald Bay 2017.  Please send them back to Dave Robb, david.robb@sbcglobal.net with the forms attached below as soon as possible,  5/15/17 deadline.

I have also included the Program Planner so your scout can see the entire week broken down day by day.

Pretty strait forward, all merit badges are listed, ( great choices like sailing, paddleboard, snorkeling, oceanography) chose what your scout wants to do and I will confirm they are in the class.   If you choose a merit badge with a fee for materials you will need to pay the fees to the 224 treasurer, Karen Wang once you receive confirmation your scout is in the class.

Couple points:

“1st year Rank advancement” –If your scout wants to work on Rank Advancement, scout to tenderfoot, tenderfoot to second class, second class to first class, sign up for this class.  I am trying to get clarification now on what is covered, might only be scout to tenderfoot.

On Scuba- I spoke to Malibu divers, there are 3 categories for scouts and adults 12 and older on the island, 6 instructors and 4 dive masters on island all summer: 

  1.  “BSA scuba”: If your scout wants to do a half day class, try scuba diving without being PADI certified,  be tested in 6 feet and then do a dive to a maximum depth of 30 feet.  Test and first dive $125 ( all gear provided) additional day dives $50
  2. “Scuba MB”: - If your scout only wants to scuba dive all week and end up PADI certified with diving merit badge – approx. $500 for week, (includes renting most gear and purchasing a mask/snorkel, booties, gloves and fins scout takes home).  Personally, I think 12/13 is too young.  Have your scout enjoy everything summer camp offers and get PADI certified before camp or some other time.
  3. “ Discover local diving” – Anyone PADI certified can go scuba diving at camp - $100 for eval and first dive, additional day dives $50, additional night dives $65 ( all gear included). You can bring your own gear if you prefer.

 Please make sure to send your scout with enough money to do everything he wants to do/buy.  He can buy a camp T shirt at Camp for approx.. $20. Etc.

 My name is Dave Robb and I am the Adult Leader for summer camp 2017 on Catalina Island.  My fellow leaders, Christine Sampson and Tim Hird, are looking forward to making this a successful summer camp for your scouts.  I will be doing all my communicating using this email group and have included both parents and scouts.  Some scouts don’t have email addresses so please communicate all relevant information to your scout.

 Please fill out the camp permission form, and have your scout sign the behavior contract, on the attached PDF and email them back to me:

  1. Parental Firearms Permission and Release and Consent to Full Program
  2. Troop 224 behavior contract

Also, please make sure your scouts medical forms A,B and C are current for the July 16 thru July 22, 2017 trip.  If these 12 month forms expire before July 22, 2017, please get the new A,B,C forms to Christine Pecci well in advance of the trip.

Feel free to contact me with any Summer Camp questions you have.  Most Summer Camp information can be found at www.campemeraldbay.org

Summer Camp leader: Dave Robb, david.robb@sbcglobal.net or 925-321-4663

Youth Protection Training - Is it time for you to renew ? (every 2 years)

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 9:22pm

To take Youth Protection training go to My.Scouting.org and create an account. You’ll receive an email notification with your account information, including a member ID/reference number.

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