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Yosemite Trip - Registration is now open!

Posted on Sep 21 2018 - 4:23pm

Our Yosemite Trip is almost here! Sign up HERE!

Hello Troop 224 families,

After Kayaking Tomales Bay in October, Troop 224 will be doing the annual Yosemite family camp in November.   To clarify, family camp means scouts, parents, siblings, grandparents, I.E.  everyone! This is one of my families favorite 224 events and I would guess we usually get 90% to 100% participation+-.  To see where we camp on the valley floor, go to the attached PDF for Yellowpine.  Most families camp with the scouts but there are other options for those who don’t want to pitch a tent.  All of the Yosemite accommodations are available, as well as some hotels just outside the park.  It would be wise to make reservations now if you are not camping.

There is a small twist this year in that our schools have shifted the Veterans Day Holiday “day off” from a Friday to a Monday.   So this is a Saturday thru Monday event, unlike our traditional Friday thru Sunday event historically.  The trip runs from Saturday Nov 10, 2018 ( check in noon) thru Monday November 12, 2018 (checkout noon). 

Please look for future updates as we get closer to the date and send any and all questions you have.   Hope to see you in Yosemite.

 YiS, Dave Robb


Advance Camp - Important Info

Posted on Sep 17 2018 - 8:08pm

The following Merit Badges have required permission slips, please check with your scouts to make sure the slips are signed and brought to Camp: Archery, Welding, Climbing, Search & Rescue, Aviation.  Click Here to download the permission slips... There is also a good map here and a merit badge locator table that you should download and get familiar with before going.. It is a big place and easy to get lost...

For those Scouts who are attending Advance Camp click on the link below for carpool sign ups:


If you have not signed up to go and still want to attend contact Mr. Kraszulyak

Advance Camp provides an opportunity to take merit badge courses and to achieve rank advancements in one day. Troop 224 will pay the registration fees for each Scout who attends Advance Camp. Parents would reimburse Troop 224 the registration fee only if their Scout cancels or decides to not attend after we have already paid his fee to Advance Camp. 

The event begins on Friday afternoon and continues all day on Saturday.  Troop 224 Scouts attend the Saturday sessions and we will meet at Acalanes High School early Saturday morning, then will carpool to the Solano Fairgrounds. As we get closer to the event date, I will send a carpool email and reminder to everyone.

You can explore the Advance Camp website by clicking:  Home

Event Date:   September 28th (Friday) and 29th (Saturday)

Location:   Solano County Fairgrounds, Vacaville, CA (Across the street from Six Flags Marine World)

Event Details:  


2018 MERIT BADGES OFFERED   Eagle Required Merit Badges

Camping      Cooking     Lifesaving 13+ ALL DAY     Citizen in the Community     Emergency Preparedness             Personal Fitness    Citizen in the Nation      Environmental Science      Personal Management  Citizen in the World        Family Life     Sustainability    Communication First Aid       Swimming ALL DAY

Other Merit Badges:   Archery 13+ $25 ALL DAY    Fire Safety    Public Speaking     Art     Fly Fishing      Reptile & Amphibian Study     Auto Maintenance          Game Design     Robotics $25     Aviation ALL DAY        Graphic Arts       Scouting Heritage     Basketry     Indian Lore         Sculpture     Chemistry      Invention       Search & Rescue 13+$25 ALL DAY     Chess      Law     Stamp Collecting     Climbing 13+ ALL DAY     Leatherwork      Surveying     Coin Collecting          Mammal Study Traffic Safety     Composite Materials      Medicine        TrailheadCrime Prevention            Moviemaking ALL DAY   Trailhead 5 Mile Hike     Digital Technology       Music       Trailhead Swim     Drafting 13+First Class    Nuclear Science 13+ ALL DAY      Truck Transportation     Electricity      Orienteering      Weather       Energy,      Disabilities Awareness   Photography        Welding 13+ $25 ALL DAY         Entrepreneurship      Programming $25        Wilderness Survival & Fri Night     Fingerprinting   Public Health      Wood Carving

Deadline:  Please register and provide your list classes as soon as possible or no later than August 15, 2018. We will register all our Scouts through our Troop account at Advance Camp.

If you have questions, please email or call me.


Mr. Kraszulyak



Tree Lot Dinner - Save the Date!

Posted on Sep 15 2018 - 3:11pm

It’s that time of year !!!

Planning is already very much underway for our ever popular Tree Lot Fundraiser!

Please save the date of Sunday, November 4, 2018 from 5-8 for our Annual Tree Lot Dinner! It will be held at Our Saviors Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall on Carol Lane in Lafayette.

This is a mandatory event for all scouts and at least one parent.  The whole family is encouraged to attend.

There is so much to learn and it can seem overwhelming. Tree Lot Dinner is where we’ll share lots of information about the fundraiser. We have demonstrations regarding the tree lot and office procedures. We may have some “bow tying practice” to show you how to make the beautiful bows that we add to our wreaths! Plus, it’s a great time to socialize with our Scout families and get answers to any questions you may have.

Be on the lookout for the Tree Lot Dinner sign ups for help and attendance. There will also be information headed your way regarding your availability for your Tree Lot shifts!

Tree lot dinner is a great start to our tree-selling season! We look forward to seeing you there!

Tree Lot Committee and
Christine Sampson

Tomales Bay Kayaking Trip - Registration is Open!

Posted on Aug 21 2018 - 1:17pm

Registration is now open for a guided sea kayaking overnight to Tomales Bay with Blue Waters kayaking on October 27th. Sign Up Here!  This trip is limited to 20 Scouts. Scouts must register and pay $195 by midnight on October 7th. After this deadline, any available spots will be opened to adults. Blue Waters will set up a waterside camp at Marshall Beach which can be reached by a short scenic paddle. Camp will be equipped with tables, camp chairs, camp stove, firewood for one fire, fresh water, and staffed by capable and friendly kayak guides.  All that you need to bring is your tent, sleeping bag/ pad, your food for the trip, and anything else you would like to have on your adventure. We’ll leave the hut at 8am and arrive at 10am, load our gear on to a motorboat, and then enjoy the beautiful paddle to the campsite with knowledgeable guides. Guides will also lead tours from camp to explore Tomales Bay after the sun goes down. On moonlit nights we’ll paddle in the glow of glorious moonlight, and on dark nights, we’ll explore the shoreline and be thrilled by the natural light show in the water that is bioluminescence. Both are wonderful and exciting experiences! In both cases, your night will end with you sleeping peacefully at the water’s edge. 

Alaska Trip - Important Information

Posted on May 27 2018 - 12:08am

Proposed Date; 6/9/2019-6/19/2019

I have attached proposed itinerary as well as trip guideline from Midnight sun council. 

Proposed itinerary plan: 

Depart: SFO/OAK to Fairbanks 6/9/2019 (Depend on time and flight fee)

Return : Anchorage to OAK/SFO  6/19/2019

Flight will likely layover in Seattle.   However, if we have layover in Canada,  You all will need to have a passport ready.

 Who qualifies for this trip;

  Troop 224 handbook Pg 48: junior in high school with life scout rank at the time of trip. 

Participation Fees; Full payment due at the sign up for scouts with no refund if anyone drop out(unless you find replacement). First 18 people (first come first serve basis), after first 18, you will be on standby. If we have too many interested party, priority will be given to scouts. 4 ULs are required to go to make this trip possible.

Adult interested in the party; Please send me email and let me know. I will ask upfront payment as soon as I sort out the numbers of scouts who is interested in going. 

Northern lights council will charge by block of participant instead of per person so we would like to take advantage of the best deal by making full crew instead of missing one or two spots which participants end up paying more.

Sign up dealine; 5/31/2018

Below fee include full excursion and flight.

Adult: $3500

Scout: $1500

Leading ULs; This will cover 4ULs and 1 Backup UL basic fees for the trip. This means if excursion fee comes out more than planned, each UL will pay for that price to give the most benefits to participating senior scouts. Excursion may change depend on accessibility and availability. The excursion fee is not final until April 2019 per Alaskan Council. ULs' non refundable deposit at the time sign up: $200

Please send me the copy of payment receipts to save my communication with treasurer. 

### Midnight council trip is based on 7days. Our troop trip is 10 days!

Any questions or missing information: Please send me email!

YIS, Sue

International Jamboree 2019 Summer

Posted on May 14 2018 - 3:07pm

The BSA hosts a World Scout Jamboree every 4 years and this will be the first time in 40 years that it is being held in North America.  Scouts organize trips to the Jamboree on their own, not as a troop.  Here is the website for more information: https://www.2019wsj.org/



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